A Painted Textile

I used to make  hooked woolen wall hangings and rugs.    When I gave up this art form I found my watercolors emerging as painted textiles. Unlike most people I don’t call this negative painting.    Below you can see some of the stages of the painting.  My colors are opposites—   Blue is the complement of orange and so I play them against each other. The yellow highlights in the tomato are balanced by a hint of violet mixed into the background with the blue.



Day 4 Jane’s Painting Challenge

Hi Everyone—   This is a very abstract rose.      My textile background  creeps into my paintings fairly often!    I took on this challenge because I am so busy working, and because of this my painting time has decreased substantially.     This is my way of pushing myself to create quickly.   I often spend days designing a composition but with only  2 or 3 hours to paint one thinks very fast!!!     Let’s see if I can keep this up!!!

My 30 day Challenge

I have always been an artist but 7 years ago, I was woken up by a loud voice saying, “Arise, Arise and hear the Clarion call for one and all.”   It was the voice of the Ascended Master Saint Germain.  At the time this happened  I was actively teaching watercolor in the community colleges and local art centers  in Annapolis, Maryland.    Suddenly my life changed as I was called to work with Saint Germain in order to help others see their lives from a spiritual perspective.   In a few years I became a trance channel and  was able to allow my Master Teacher Saint Germain  to speak through me.

All of a sudden I was so busy doing spiritual readings  I had very little time to paint, and my love of teaching painting was further compromised by a move to the state of Ohio where there was no need for new instructors. I threw myself into my spiritual work trying to find a little time to paint.   It has  very difficult without the responsibility  to my painting students.

Soooo   I came up with the idea of a 30 day painting challenge.  I would do one small painting for 30 days!!   In this way I would take a small part of every day to create a mini painting.     So—-   you can evaluate how I do!!

Day 1

The size of this mini-painting is 7″x 10″     The flower is a white azalea.   It took me about  hours.   The lines are a little wobley but remember this is an exercise in jump-staring my painting—-making time for an important part of myself.    I wouold love your comments!

Creating a Multi-Media Birds Nest

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoy my new art blog. I’ll be sharing an inside look at how I create some of my paintings.   I don’t always paint a picture directly using watercolors, in fact, I often take a multi-media approach. In this piece I have used watercolors, threads, lots of hand-painted collage papers of different textures, and lots of splatter!!!

I created most of the papers in this piece by using my gelli plate.   With a gelli plate it is possible to  imprint an image onto a separate piece of paper and then apply  imprinted paper to the watercolor.  I  imprint my images on deli paper which is  inexpensive and  easy to apply to the watercolor paper  using paste.  Before the weather turned cold and all the leaves fell off the trees, I made a lot of papers that were imprinted with leaf shapes. I use the actual leaves to do the printing.  I’ll share more about this later.

I’m adding a few more images so you can see the steps that were required to make this piece.  The threads were placed on the nest and covered with watercolor pigment. They have to dry thoroughly before you can remove them and get the ghost like image.  The image on the right shows the nest in the beginning stages.  I covered some of the twigs with wax paper so that I would see an impression of some texture when removed.

The bottom image shows an almost complete painting. Note that there is a lot of negative painting in the openings between the leaves. I will share some negative painting tips in future posts.