Three Pointed Sunflower-Day 8

This is Day 8 of my painting challenge

This is a very small sunflower.   For me it is a challenge to paint small– in this case-  7″ wide and 10″ long!   The butterflies are  glued on to the surface with Yes Paste.   The images were peeled off cocktail napkins!

Day 7 of Jane’s 30 Day Painting Challenge

Irish Clothes Dryer

I took this picture in southwest Ireland –County Cork.  We son’t see this sight in America very often but the Irish are thrifty and love the smell of clothes dried on the line!   Now off to Day 8!



Vertical Grapes

Day 6 of Jane’s Painting Challenge

This is a good example of one of my favorite painting methods. I love working with the negative space.  Two of the vertical panels are painted directly, and the center panel is painted negatively.   This is a vertical composition. Each panel is a different width and this is important.   Don’t ever divide a painting into even layers as it can result in a boring painting.  .  As an artist we are looking for the most interesting composition with lots of variety. Negative painting is not for everyone.   I have discovered in teaching this form of painting for years that many artists are unable to see their subject in reverse!  This painting is only 7″x 10″–very small but many hours to create!

Day 5 of Jane’s 30 day Painting Challenge

An orange hibiscus with negatively painted leaves is part of my 30 day challenge to paint every day!

This is a small painting—  Only 7″x 10″   I love the technique called negative painting or  Painting on the Other Side.   The leaves are painted indirectly—   sculpted out of the under-painting.   This is my special love. It tales practice and I have taught many classes o the technique.    Now on to Day 6—–   what will I do next???   stand by!

Day 4 Jane’s Painting Challenge

Hi Everyone—   This is a very abstract rose.      My textile background  creeps into my paintings fairly often!    I took on this challenge because I am so busy working, and because of this my painting time has decreased substantially.     This is my way of pushing myself to create quickly.   I often spend days designing a composition but with only  2 or 3 hours to paint one thinks very fast!!!     Let’s see if I can keep this up!!!

Day 3 My Painting Challenge

I combined watercolor with waterproof inks.  It is a little quirky but was fun and relaxing to create.  All of these paintings are only 7″x 10″ so a challenge to create something interesting.